ANAW USA board member Rhea Dodd

The Africa Network for Animal Welfare – USA began in 2005 with a chance meeting between Josphat Ngonyo and David Gies. They were at a conference for companion animals in Anaheim, California. Josphat, or Jos as his friends call him, was part of an international panel sponsored by Animal People. He presented his work and passion for animal welfare. Jos told the story of the Youth for Conservation Corp “going into the bush to remove wire snares” used to trap animals that were sold into the bushmeat trade. This activity is illegal in Kenya. It is poaching. Regrettably the practice of capturing animals in this way is common. It is reported that 40% of food protein in Kenya comes from bushmeat.

To combat this habitual hunting practice Jos was selling wire sculptures made by community people who would otherwise be poaching. The proceeds of all the sales is returned to the crafts people. Many of the craftsmen are young men striving to make any income in Voi.

David Gies was attending the conference for the Animal Assistance Foundation (AAF), a Colorado based philanthropy that funds companion animal programs. While AAF’s programming is limited to the state of Colorado there was common ground between the two individuals for forwarding the cause of humane treatment of animals.

Josphat Ngonyo established ANAW in 2006. David established ANAW-USA with Jos as co-founder in 2007. The US program received its 501(c )(3) in 2008. ANAW-USA and ANAW in Nairobi, simply referred to as ANAW, work together to raise awareness and funding for animal programs in Africa.

What We Do

For the last 100 years American philanthropists have invested time, talent and resources in other countries. ANAW-USA is a 21st Century model for organizing partnerships with others outside the United States. It follows a long tradition for addressing poverty reduction by developing economic viability and human development while protecting animals. ANAW is about animal welfare and people. Animal welfare is not advanced unless people and their well-being are advanced first. The first thing ANAW does is promote a humane ethic toward all animals.

The second thing we do is build bridges. Similar to the meeting of Jos and David, ANAW is about introducing people to our mutual cause. The unifying sentiment among people affiliating themselves with ANAW—USA’s work is to collaborate with people in other parts of the world to promote quality of life for animals and people.

A third tenant is about codifying the relationship through organization development both in Nairobi and the United States. Homeland Security Regulations emerging over the past decade require new standard procedures for reporting and transferring funds outside the United States for philanthropic work. ANAW-USA, through its due diligence with ANAW adds an accountability as well as risk management for transactions and investments of people taking place outside the United States.

ANAW-USA markets snare art, baskets and other hand crafted items. We strive to establish a sustainable market to support two communities in Kenya, the Waatha people near Voi and the community of Rukanga in the Kasigau region of central Kenya.

In addition to selling these items for economic development for the Waatha and Rukanga communities, ANAW is motivated to use Snare Art as a teaching tool.

Who We Are

Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) is a Pan-African Organization based in Kenya that promotes humane treatment of all animals and the well being of communities living with them.

Our Vision

To promote sustainability of animals and communities in Africa.

Our Mission

To partner with ANAW, and others, promoting an all Africa agenda, sustained by communities for conservation, compassion, protection and responsible care of all animals.

Help us show compassion, protection, and care for all animals.