Environmental Education

ANAW USA - Environmental Education

What are Environmental Education and Experiential Learning?

ANAW’s environmental education and experiential learning program increases people's knowledge and awareness about current environmental and conservation challenges within local and global communities.

This type of education and experiential opportunities develop the necessary knowledge and abilities to address challenges; fosters positive attitude and motivation for change; increase commitment to make informed decisions; and take responsible action in regards to conservation and animal welfare concerns.

Environmental Education at ANAW

Through environmental education opportunities, ANAW hopes that people and communities will identify with the values of compassion and kindness toward all life on earth, and to have the desire treat nature, humans, and other animals with respect.

ANAW offers environmental education and assistance to communities and individuals in order to foster behavior that promotes healthy environments, humans, and other animals. Examples include creating economic alternatives to poaching and addressing deforestation by providing resources for planting trees.

Experiential Learning at ANAW

Currently, there is a growing global interest in learning more about our community-based approach to animal welfare and conservation issues. Due to this, ANAW has developed an experiential learning program that partners with leading institutions, such as University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, and individuals interested in learning more about ANAW’s work.

The learning program gives students and organized groups an opportunity to interact with communities for an once-in-a-lifetime inter-cultural experience.

Activities in which some of these groups participate include wildlife conservation, community-based assistance, and care of domestic animals.

The experiential learning program provides a life changing learning experience that gives participants a different worldview and a basis for advocating for Africa’s animals, people, and environments.

Who We Are

Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) is a Pan-African Organization based in Kenya that promotes humane treatment of all animals and the well being of communities living with them.

Our Vision

To promote sustainability of animals and communities in Africa.

Our Mission

To partner with ANAW, and others, promoting an all Africa agenda, sustained by communities for conservation, compassion, protection and responsible care of all animals.

Help us show compassion, protection, and care for all animals.