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What is happening in Africa?

Although international trade of ivory was banned in 1989 by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the issue is still widespread and ivory trade is active. In 2012, around 35,000 African elephants were poached, leading to a $7-$10 billion dollar per year industry worldwide.

Most people are unaware that elephants are killed in order to harvest their ivory. Poachers often drop undetected onto a herd, killing large number of elephants all at once. Currently, sentencing for poachers can be as little as a $100 fine, an easy fee for many poachers.

The illegal wildlife trade also has been known to fund terrorist groups in Africa, including al-Shabaab. Reports show that up to 40% of the cost of al-Shabaab’s army is funded by the illegal ivory trade.

What is happening in the United States?

It often comes as a surprise to Americans that the United States is the second top consumer of illegal ivory trade, following China. Currently, trade and sale of “old ivory” (over 100 years old) is permitted in the United States, however, poachers have found ways to make new ivory appear old, therefore creating an increase in ivory sales overall.

In 2013, the Clinton Foundation, partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society, African Wildlife Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and Conservation International, as well as eleven African countries, created the Partnership to Save Africa’s Elephants.

What can you do?
  • Spread the word to ban ivory trade! Many ivory consumers are unaware of the process of ivory harvesting so help make people aware of the process.
  • Encourage your state legislatures to pass bans on illegal ivory trade.
  • Lastly, by supporting organizations that promote anti-poaching initiatives or are doing the actual anti-poaching groundwork, you will be making a difference!
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