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ANAW USA What is sustainable tourism?

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable travel is far more than just a vacation:

  • It improves the well-being of local communities by allowing them to earn a fair income from tourism
  • It supports a conservation ethic
  • It limits the environmental and cultural impact of tourist visits
  • By choosing a responsible tour company, your trip to Africa can be a force for change in improving the economic conditions, protecting fragile ecosystems, preserving traditional cultures while at the same time enriching your journey.

Some important questions to ask before you book a trip:

  • Ask the tour director if they have a written policy regarding the environment and local people.
  • Ask the tour director how many local people they employ, what percent this is of the total, and whether any are in management positions. Ask them if they employ guides from the local community (this can also greatly enhance your experience there).
  • Ask them what they have specifically done to help protect the environment and support conservation, and which local charities they work with.
  • Ask them what percent of produce and services are sourced from within 25km of the lodge.
  • Ask them how they treat waste water and how they heat their buildings.
  • Ask them what information and advice is provided to tourists on local cultures and customs.
  • Ask them for ideas on how you might get involved with local people and conservation in a worthwhile and rewarding way for you and the destination. 

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